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Why Elon Musk gives great presentations (even though he’s terrible at public speaking)

Love him or hate him, there is one aspect to Elon Musk that most people agree: He’s terrible at public speaking.  As pointed out in this Forbes article, he breaks every rule in the public speaking book:

“Musk breaks almost every presentation rule and violates almost every platform skill. He mumbles and he stutters. He doesn’t engage his audience. He brings very little humor, energy or liveliness to his presentation. He stands still throughout most of his speech. His slides are small, boring and too dense. He doesn’t leverage technologies like video and graphics to enhance his points. Musk sometimes loses his train of thought and then returns to it. He seems at times as if he’s only speaking to himself and not to a roomful of people. He appears to look more at his monitors than the audience. He puts his hands in his pockets.”

However, his style hasn’t stopped him delivering some amazing presentations. Not because of his style, but the other factors that make a great presentation:

Clarity and Simplicity: Musk often takes complex technical concepts and presents them in a simple and understandable manner. For instance, when explaining the principles behind SpaceX’s reusable rocket technology, he uses straightforward language and analogies that make it accessible to a broader audience.

Passion and Conviction: Musk’s enthusiasm for his projects and ideas is palpable when he speaks. He conveys a genuine belief in the importance of what he’s doing, which can be infectious and inspiring to his listeners.

Visual Aids: In his presentations, Musk frequently uses visuals, such as slides and videos, to help illustrate his points. These visual aids enhance comprehension and engagement, making his speeches more effective.

Elon Musk's 'Cybertruck' presentation hits snag when 'bulletproof' glass  shatters during test - Washington Times


Accessibility: Musk often shares his ideas and progress updates through platforms like Twitter and Reddit, directly engaging with his audience. This accessibility can create a sense of connection and transparency that many people appreciate.

Bold Vision: Musk is known for articulating ambitious visions for the future, such as colonizing Mars or transitioning the world to sustainable energy. These big ideas can captivate and inspire audiences, making them eager to hear more.

Problem-Solving Approach: Musk often discusses the challenges and problems he faces in his endeavors. This transparency about obstacles and his approach to solving them can be educational and relatable to others striving for innovation and progress.

Sparking Curiosity: Musk’s talks often leave audiences curious and thinking about the possibilities of the future. His ability to ignite curiosity and provoke thought is a hallmark of effective public speaking.

Crisis Management: During challenging times, such as technical setbacks or controversies related to his companies, Musk has demonstrated an ability to address these issues directly and communicate his plans for resolution.

It’s important to note that while these examples highlight Musk’s strengths as a public speaker, opinions on his speaking abilities can vary widely, and some may have different perspectives on his effectiveness in this regard.