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Speak to Lead Program

Speak to Lead is designed for senior leaders who need to make the transition from good to great.  Using a combination of expert feedback and video analysis, you will develop your skills to their highest level. 

Key Learning Outcomes


We will refine every aspect of your delivery, including voice, body language and staging.


Understand the science of influence, so you can develop your content for maximum impact.


Learn to control your non-verbal communication to demonstrate an aura of quiet authority.

Master your Presentation Skills

Our most advanced program

Our Advanced program is for senior leaders who need to perform at their peak from the stage.  We work closely with you to develop and refine your ptiches, presentations and demonstrations to a world-class level.

Skill Level

This is aimed at Senior Leaders in your organisation who need to present at the highest level.


Depending on your situation, we can delivery the program over half-day, full-day or multi-week agendas.

Class Size

Maximum of five particpants per class.

Learning Modules

This program is designed to build up your skills over 4 different modules.  We start from complete scratch – learning how to speak on your feet through fun impromptu speaking exercises.  By the end of the program you will understand all key elements of delivering world-class presentations.

Focus Your Message

We start by breaking down your delivery style and brand message.

  • Establish your demographic goals
  • Practice your personal and organisation brand messages
  • Establish your baseline delivery style



Command Attention

We explore the science of influence and persuasion.

  • Remove weak language and emphasise conviction
  • Move purposefully in the space
  • Structure your message for maximum influence. 

Engage your audience

Develop your delivery to be more dynamic and engaing to your audience

*Vary vocal dynamics for emphasis

  • Use gestures to underline key points
  • Move purposefully in the space
  • Core Work 2: Clarify your passion
  • Presentation and coaching session with facilitator and peers



Connect and Inspire

  • Display audience empathy
  • Give your audience time to process
  • Make intentional eye contact
  • Read and respond
  • Core Work 3: Re-align your perspective
  • Presentation and coaching session with facilitator and peers


Get in Touch

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