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Coaching Packages

Multi-Week Programs that teach you everything you need to know about public speaking.

Special Events

We help you prepare, write and rehearse for high-stakes interviews and presentations.

Individual Analysis

Analyse and review your speaking style with expert guidance and tuition.

Most speakers have no idea how they are perceived when they speak from stage.  This is understandable since very few seek out formal training on how to communicate effectively.

This is why so many potential leaders blend into the ‘sea of mediocrity’, struggling to stand out or have any kind of memorable impact.

Our individual coaching programs are designed to dramatically transform your approach and performance at public speaking.

We walk you through a proven process to be become a stronger, dynamic and more confident speaker.  The process involves:

* identifying your current strengths and weaknesses as a speaker

* addressing any psychological barriers that get in the way of presenting with confidence

* Learning the most powerful speaking frameworks you can adapt to presentations, meetings and updates in your workplace.

* Learning how to speak spontaneously 

* Developing your body language and voice to boost your presence

A Systematic Approach to Transform your Skills

What's holding you back?

Just about every person who works with us is already a good communicator.  The problem is that this skill disappears when put under the spotlight.  The first step is to identify these triggers and make sure you are equipped with strategies to perform under pressure.

No such thing as perfect

Speakers fo not become great until they find their own speaking style.  When you identify the style that works for you, it will transorm the way you approach any presentation. You will not only maximise your impact, you will learn to love public speaking.

The language of public speaking

Public speaking has its own languge.  We show you the seven principle speaking frameworks used by the experts.  When you know these frameworks, you will sudenly be able to talk about any subject on your feet without preparation.

Practice and Evaluation

You will never become a great public speaker without targetted and deliberate practice. We give you the safe space you need to practice and devlop your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do coaching sessions work?

We have two options for our coaching service.

Individual Coaching Sessions: ideal if you just want to work on a specfic speaking engagement.

3-Week Coaching Package: The 3-week package is designed to cover the most fundamental areas of public speaking.  If you are concerned about your public speaking skills, this is the ideal way to take your abilites to the next level.

Why choose individual coaching over a workshop?

The advantage of the coaching packages is that you will receive intensive and individual guidance.

Put simply, it’s the fastest way to get where you want to be.

What about online coaching?

More and more people are asking about this option.  Online coaching sessions are arranged over Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  We recreate real-life scenarios as much as possible, which means you will be up performing on your feet!

Will it work for me?

We have trained a wide range of people over the years:

* Senior Leaders who want to work on a keynote speech.

* Managers who have hidden their fear of public speaking over the years but now find themselves expected to give a speech.

* Women returning to work after maternity leave.

*Junior staff who want to improve their career prospects.

Get in Touch

To get more information about any of our programs and coaching options, you can call us anytime on 1300 03 03 49.  Or drop us a message using the contact form here.