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Speak to Influence Program

Speak to Influence is our flagship course that has helped thousands of people take their presentation skills to the next level.

It is our most flexible program that is designed to meet the needs of most people in your organisation, from new graduates to senior management.

Key Learning Outcomes

This program will change the way you perceive public speaking. The program goal is to gain confidence and communication skills to influence and engage any audience effectively.


Understand and manage your anxiety, so you can delivery your message with conviction.


Understand the science of influence, so you can communicate your knowledge for maximum impact.


Learn to control your non-verbal communication and demonstrate an aura of quiet authority.

Course Summary

Skill Level: Novice to intermediate

Delivery: Full-day and multi-day options

Our most popular workshop.  The Speak to Influence program takes a systematic approach to finding your most comfortable speaking style.

We supply you with all the frameworks, models and tools you need to become a more comfortable and confident speaker.

This is a high-participation workshop with a mixture of instruction, demonstrations, group discussions, and live practice sessions so you can immediately put your new skills to practice.

Skill Level

This is our most flexible course.  Suitable for most people in your team: from trainees who are developing their skills to senior managers looking for ways to be more influential on stage.


The program is designed over 4 modules which last 2 hours each.  Most clients prefer to run one session per week.  However, we are completely flexible and can adjust to your organisation’s availability and preferences.

Class Size

We keep class sizes small (usually between 6 and 10 people) to make sure everyone has a chance to speak and participate.  (you don’t learn anything sitting on the sidelines!)

How it Works

This program is designed to build up your skills over 4 sequential modules.  We start from complete scratch – learning how to package and organise your thoughts.  By the end of the program you will understand all key elements of delivering world-class presentations.


Module One: Speaking on your feet

Week One is all about simplifying and clarifying your message. Have you ever found yourself rambling in a speech?  This is becuase haven’t been been shown techniques to craft your message.

We introduce 7 framing techniques that allow you to quickly and effectively structure a message on thie spot.  These framing techniques form the foundation of all presentatios over the following modules.


Module Two: Develop Presence

We now turn our focus to the art of influence.  We show participants useful rhetorical techniques that make them stand out from the crowd.      

We also address the science of anxiety, and learn was to manage your nerves at your next presentation.


Module Three: Amplify your Message

In week three we introduce storytelling to amplify your message. 

All case studies and business stories follow similar formulas.  We show you how to extract stories from your business and structure them for maximum impact.  


Module Four: Master your Delivery 

Finally we pull together everything you learned.  We now look closely at your delivery style.  From vocal delivery to body language, we show you how to really own the stage.