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How did Martin Luther King overcome his fear of public speaking?

Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. experienced a degree of nervousness and anxiety about public speaking, especially during his early years. 

Despite his eventual reputation as a powerful and charismatic orator, King initially struggled with the fear of public speaking. He once described his first public speaking experience as a nerve-wracking and intimidating event.

Just have a look at his school report below.  He only gets a passing grade for public speaking.  So, you can hardly argue he was just born with public speaking skills.

However, as he became more involved in the civil rights movement and gained experience speaking in front of various audiences, King’s confidence grew. He honed his speaking skills and developed a unique and compelling style that resonated deeply with people. Over time, his commitment to the cause of civil rights and his passion for justice helped him overcome his initial fear and nervousness.

King’s fear of public speaking is a reminder that even individuals who become renowned for their communication abilities may start from a place of apprehension. His journey from apprehension to becoming one of the most celebrated and impactful speakers in history demonstrates the power of determination, practice, and a deep sense of purpose in overcoming such fears.