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Learn to Love Public Speaking

Public Speaking Fundamentals puts fun back into public speaking.  The focus of this program is team-building and having fun.   Along the way, your team may uncover talent they never knew existed!

Key Learning Outcomes

This program is designed to change your relationship with public speaking.  Through interactive exercises, we build up your confidence to express yourself in front of friends and peers. 


Understand and manage your anxiety, so you can delivery your message with conviction.


With the help of our frameworks you will be able to organise your thoughts and speak on your feet. 


Learn to control your non-verbal communication to demonstrate an aura of quiet authority.

Course Summary

Skill Level: Novice to intermediate

Delivery: Full-day and multi-day options

The perfect program for teams who do not have much experience in presenting.  We slowly introduce public speaking fundamentals while having fun along the way.

By the end of this program, your team will look at presenting in a whole new light.

Skill Level

This program is designed for anyone who is inexperienced or suffers from anxiety with public speaking.  


The full program is made up of four modules of two hours each.  We can deliver these modules over one day or split it over four weeks.  

Class Size

This program requires a high level of participation, so class sizes are capped at 8 participants.  

How it Works

This program is designed to build up skills through a series of team and individual exercises.  We take the anxiety out of public speaking and help uncover the hidden communicator inside you.


Module One: Get up on your feet

Week One is all about getting used to that uncomfortable feeling of speaking in front of other people.  We run through exercises where you practice walking up to the stage and making a great first impression. 

We then introduce 7 framing techniques that allow you to quickly and effectively structure a message about any subject on the spot.  These framing techniques form the foundation of all presentations over the following modules.


Module Two: Build Confidence

The second module focuses on becoming more comfortable on stage.  You will be shown how to use the space on stage and appear more confident to your audience.  


Module Three: Tell Your Story

Week three fouses of storytelling to amplify your message. 

All case studies and business stories follow similar formulas.  We show you how to extract stories from your business and structure them for maximum impact.


Module Four: Master your Delivery 

Finally we pull together everything you learned.  We now look closely at your delivery style.  From vocal delivery to body language, we show you how to really own the stage.  

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